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Automatic production technology of LED tube

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Company News
Automatic production technology of LED tube
Latest company news about Automatic production technology of LED tube

Automatic production technology of LED tube


1. Current production process of LED glass lamp tube

(1) The gluing process in the production and assembly process of LED glass lamp is relatively mature and stable, such as: gluing between two plastic plugs and glass tube assembly;

(2) Due to the use of silica gel in its production, although the range of temperature and humidity requirements of silicone curing are higher, so the curing time is long, can not be high-speed batch production. On the other hand, different seasonal climate also has a great influence on it;

(3) Nowadays, the assembly mode of power supply and plug is more complex, mainly including riveting fixing and welding fixing. This is one of the reasons why we can't mass-produce;

(4) For the glass tube material, glass tube manufacturers can not guarantee that the size of each batch of glass tubes is exactly the same, and can not guarantee that all glass tubes are flawless, which leads to LED glass tubes in production can not be unified process.

2. Automatic production process of LED glass tube lamp

In view of the above problems, people put forward the automatic production of LED glass tube, and automation mainly refers to the simplification of its process to improve its production efficiency, as well as a way to reduce the cost. Therefore, in the process of automatic production, it is necessary to pay attention to the structure of the product must be fixed, the assembly process should be simplified, and can be mass-produced. However, mass production is required and the process must be simple, so the structure must be reasonable and consistent.

(1) Automatic plug design scheme

In the automatic production process, a guide slot is added inside the plug, and the slot design makes the power PCB can be smoothly inserted into the positioning without loosening. In addition, the guide groove is set to one side, which plays a role of preventing stay, and convenient power supply insertion. In addition, in the plug design, the copper needle is eliminated, and the copper needle is added to the power drive, and the punch is fixed on the power PCB. Finally, in order to ensure its strength, a copper needle sleeve is added on the plug to avoid the relative displacement of the copper needle on the PCB of the power supply, which plays a protective role.

(2) Automatic power supply board design scheme

Electrical connection in the form of plug: first use the circuit board on both sides of the small wings to fix the plug card slot; At the power input end, the copper needle originally in the plug is directly integrated into the circuit board through the hole plug-in. When the power is inserted into the plug, the copper needle is directly threaded out of the hole reserved for the copper needle sleeve in the plug. Finally, at the output end of the power supply, the L-shaped pin with a seat is used to integrate the hole plug-in on the circuit board.

(3) Automatic PCB board design scheme

Combined with the power supply structure, the female end of the L-shaped pin of the output end of the power supply can be matched, and the female end is directly affixed to the PCB light board by SMT patch. The PCB light board needs reflow welding, and generally uses low-temperature solder paste. Therefore, the parent material needs to be able to withstand reflow temperatures. In terms of PCB lamp board, in order to facilitate the placement and sub-board, PCB plate parts adopt staggered layout. After finishing the sub-board of PCB lamp board of glass lamp tube, it is necessary to carry out dispensing and fix the PCB lamp board inside the glass tube.

(4) Automatic dispensing scheme

PCB lamp board automatic dispensing and pipe through the equipment is relatively mature. PCB light board inverted into the dispensing equipment transmission track, transmission track moving in the direction of the glass tube at the same time control dispensing machine against the back of the PCB light board began dispensing, when the PCB light board completely into the glass tube after the dispensing is completed. At this time, the equipment control gives upward jacking force on both ends of the transmission track, making the PCB back contact with the inside of the glass tube. After a period of time, the jacking force disappears, the transmission track exits, and the PCB lamp board sticks to the inside of the glass tube.

But in order to meet the requirements of automation and the existing dispensing equipment, we can divide the original transmission rod into two parts, that is, one part of the main bearing and transmission of the power end, the other part of the main bearing PCB, and then stagger a groove in the middle for avoiding the terminal. When choosing a transmission rod, we should take into account the length of its tail end, which is easy to bend after being stressed, so we should choose a material with strong rigidity and light weight, such as carbon fiber is a good choice. In addition, after the point of glue to carry out the next work as soon as possible, it is necessary to make the glue dry quickly, in view of this, you can manually point the glue tube to the material car, and push the material car to the open place or the oven to let the glue dry quickly. Of course, it's even better if you can find a glue that dries quickly.

To sum up, it can be seen that after the improvement of the scheme, the complexity of the original glass tube process is greatly simplified. And the efficiency of production capacity has been greatly improved. The cost of manufacturing the product has also been reduced by more than five times. LED glass tube applied in automation equipment, simplify the process, all plug electrical connection scheme instead of the original welding mode, reduce the number of automation workstations, simplify the action, improve efficiency at the same time, not to raise the cost of automation. The cost of automation alone will also be reduced by reducing the cumbersome process steps.

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