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Daily maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter

China Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
China Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Daily maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter
Latest company news about Daily maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter

Daily maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter

latest company news about Daily maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter  0

Content of patch maintenance day

1. 10 minutes before work every day, the technician instructs the operator to stop the machine for daily maintenance.

2. Clean the dust on the surface of the machine with a clean white cloth, including the surface of the machine body, display, keyboard, mouse, keys, switches, etc. if necessary, wipe the surface of the machine with a rag dipped in soapy water. It must be wrung dry without dripping water before use. It is not allowed to clean the machine with alcohol and board washing water.

3. Check whether the air pressure reaches the air pressure value of 0.5MPa.

4. Check whether the PCB conveyor belt runs smoothly. Use PCB for test without card board.

5. Check whether all safety devices are normal, including front and rear safety doors and feeder floating sensor. Also check whether the area sensor is normal. Test the function of each sensor under the state of operation and suspension, and the sensor alarm state can be displayed normally on the display screen.

6. Clean the scattered components in the machine with a vacuum cleaner.

7. Clean the dust on the laser sensor VCs lens with lens paper.

8. When warming up the machine, listen to the noise of the machine for abnormalities, and start production after no abnormalities are found.

Precautions for daily maintenance of Mounter:

1. If any abnormality is found, it shall be reported to the technician for treatment immediately;

2. When cleaning scattered components, do not blow with an air gun to avoid falling on the machine board and causing circuit failure;

3. The maintenance shall be carried out under the shutdown state;

4. When cleaning the laser sensor, it is not allowed to wipe it with unclean and rough things;


Weekly maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter


Weekly maintenance contents of Mounter

1. Conduct spot inspection first to check whether the air distribution pipe and connector are leaking and whether the cylinder of each unit works normally.

2. Check whether the conveyor belt, pulley and baffle are damaged. If they are damaged, they shall be maintained or replaced immediately.

3. Remove all nozzles from ATC and put them into ultrasonic internal cleaning (add alcohol in ultrasonic wave), take them out after about 5 minutes, blow them clean with air gun, and then smear a small amount of 1# oil on the rear cotton swab on the movable plug of the head. Note that the rubber head of 505, 506, 507, 508 and other nozzles must face upward when cleaning, and alcohol shall not be stained.

4. After wiping the act slider with a white cloth, add a little 1# oil to the fixing screw of the movable slider.

5. Insert the cylinder, belt, sliding block and width adjusting screw of the conveying part with a white cloth strip, wipe it clean, add a small amount of 1# oil on the stop block and pulley, and add a small amount of laminated grease on the width adjusting screw.

6. Clean the XY linear guide rail with a white cloth strip and add a thin layer of printer butter again.

7. Wipe laser window with lens paper.

8. Retest all nozzles in set up, save and exit.

9. Check the laser curve in the manual menu and wipe it clean.

10. After opening the front cover and warming up the machine slowly for 2 minutes, wipe off the excess butter with a white cloth strip.


Precautions for weekly maintenance of Mounter:

1. Note that all belts shall not be stained with grease during maintenance.

2. Do not add too much oil into nozzle after cleaning.

3. Laserwindow cannot be cleaned with any chemical solvent.

4. The nozzle on ATC should be put back to its original position after maintenance.

3、 Monthly maintenance contents and precautions of Mounter


Monthly maintenance contents of Mounter

1. Turn off the machine.

2. Wipe off all nozzle sets of working heads with an internal angle of 1.5m and replace all filters.

3. Clean the dust on all sensors with a white cloth strip.

4. Clean the dust in the distribution box with a vacuum cleaner. If necessary, clean the boards one by one, clean them with detergent, dry them with an air gun, and then reinstall them.

5. Remove the vacuum generator, disassemble and clean it, wipe the internal dirty grease with a white cloth, clean the body with detergent and blow it clean, then reapply the sealing oil and reassemble it in the sealing ring.

6. Clean the guide rails and screw rods of X, y and Z axes with white cloth. Add EP2 grease to other guide rails and sliding blocks except that the guide rails and screw rods of Z axis need AFL oil.

7. Remove the mouse and clean the internal dirt with a white cloth.

8. Start the machine and warm it for 5 minutes, and wipe the excess butter with a white cloth.

Precautions after monthly maintenance of the mounter:

1. Maintenance tools and auxiliary tools (rags, oil products, tools...) Check and make sure it is clean and cannot be left in the machine

2. The excessive oil added shall be removed in time and shall not be spilled on the CCD lens, optical ruler and photoelectric sensors, so as to avoid misoperation of the machine and damage to the machine

3. Check whether the safety device is reset, whether the maintenance key and safety key are pulled out to prevent safety accidents, and whether the placement of suction nozzles in the suction nozzle stack is consistent with the parameter setting to prevent damage to the suction nozzle



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