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High speed pick and place machine

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Good quality LED Mounting Machine for sales
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High speed pick and place machine

High speed pick and place machine

High speed pick and place machine


Before introduce high speed pick and place machine, you must understand what is theoretical speed. Because there are usually refer to it to calculate the speed of the patch.The theoretical speed of the SMT is based on the fact that the component device of the 0402 mounted on the dedicated test board absorbs the number of the identification devices at full speed. Generally, it only takes a few minutes to calculate the theoretical value of 1 hour. (In the actual test, it includes: no substrate recognition action, no transfer substrate action, etc. These times are not counted), that is, the machine within 1 hour. Always on the constant speed of the placement, only the theoretical value obtained by the identification of the placement action.


There are three types of placement machines by speed: low speed, medium speed and high speed. So, in terms of high-speed placement machines, the topic we often care about most is how fast the high-speed placement machine is, and how efficient it is.


The high-speed placement machine is a turret-type installation. There are 12-24 needles in the head, which are placed on the head and the PCB board moves underneath. The head does not move. This old-fashioned machine is noisy, but it is fast and has a thrown material for mass production. SMT processing of a board can usually be completed in a few seconds. The speed can reach 50,000-80000 points/H. It is the preferred high-efficiency equipment for circuit board manufacturers.

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