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Principle of automatic loading machine

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China Shenzhen Eton Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. certification
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Company News
Principle of automatic loading machine
Latest company news about Principle of automatic loading machine

Principle of automatic loading machine


At the source of the SMT production line, the PCB boards stored in the turnover box are transferred to the production line one by one according to the requirements of the post-equipment. When all the PCB boards in the turnover box are transferred, the empty turnover box is automatically downloaded. The following is a fully loaded turnover box.


Features of automatic loading machine:


1. Microcomputer control, stable and reliable work;

2. Two control panels, buttons or touch screens are available, and the man-machine dialogue is convenient;

3. Multiple sound and light alarm functions;

4. Standard material box can be used, which has strong versatility and can place three material racks;

5. The lifting step distance of the material rack can be set according to the thickness of the PCB. The step distance can be divided into four types (10, 20, 30, 40mm)

6. The feeder has a built-in pusher mechanism, eliminating the need to buy a pusher separately;

7. It has an automatic counting function, which is convenient for production statistics; it is equipped with a signal communication structure, which can be connected with other machines online


Technical parameters of Xinyang Lianguang automatic board loading machine


Equipment type: upper and lower board machine equipment

Number of bins: 2 bins

Board loading time of the circuit board: about 6 seconds or user specified

Material box replacement time: about 30 seconds or user specified

Step selection: 1~4 (10mm step)

Power supply and electric load: AC220V+/-20V

Air flow: up to 10 liters/minute

Circuit board thickness: at least 0.4 mm

Allow instantaneous power failure: less than 20ms

Grounding: the third type of grounding

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