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Ten trends of LED lighting technology development

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Company News
Ten trends of LED lighting technology development
Latest company news about Ten trends of LED lighting technology development

1. The mainstream light source for lighting will be converted to LED

At present, the light efficiency of commercial high-power led products has reached more than 150lm/W, and the service life has reached more than 30,000 hours, which makes the comprehensive performance of LED has surpassed other light sources. At the same time, the price of LED lamps has approached that of lamps composed of other light sources, in addition to great power. Therefore, relatively speaking, LED already has certain advantages. At the same time, the light effect of LED laboratory products has reached more than 300lm/W, and through reasonable heat dissipation design, the life of more than 50000 hours is completely achievable. Logically speaking, other light sources have little room for improvement in light efficiency and life span. Therefore, it can be expected that it will not be long before LED becomes the mainstream light source in the lighting market.

2. The research of LED device technology will mainly focus on improving the efficiency of green LED

LED, the core component of semiconductor technology, has high photoelectric efficiency of red LED and blue LED, but the photoelectric efficiency of green LED is very low. This limits the substantial application of LED spectral flexibility. Therefore, improving the light efficiency of green LED is the most important research topic of LED devices. However, the current GAN-based LED technology route has encountered great technical bottleneck, both the existing technology route and the innovative technology route need to be studied.

3. Another study of LED device technology will be the study of narrow spectrum LED devices

The narrow spectral width of a single LED will help achieve truly unlimited flexibility in assembling LED spectra. This will make leds more widely used. At the same time, in LED display, a major application of LED, if the spectrum width of monochrome LED can be reduced, a larger color gamut space can be realized. And that's a big area of application.


4. The white LED used for ordinary lighting will gradually shift to RGB mode

The light source used in ordinary lighting is white or nearly white. At present, the most cost-effective and mainstream white LED in the market are blue LED plus YAG phosphor. However, in theory, RGB mode has a higher light efficiency, and the use of RGB mode will enable lamps can be dimmed, color, and even adjust the color rendering index. Therefore, with the improvement of light efficiency of green LED, it is believed that RGB mode (further extended to 3 or more monochrome LED color mixing) will become the mainstream white LED mode.


5. The characterization of color rendering of light source will be a long debate process, and the characterization in the form of spectrum may be the ultimate result

At present, color rendering index is the main parameter to characterize the color rendering property of light source. However, this is based on the limited spectral form of traditional light sources. The infinite flexibility of LED spectra would make such characterization problematic. It can be expected that if LED achieves true spectral infinite flexibility, then any single parameter color rendering characterization will actually be flawed, and the ultimate representation should be the spectrum itself.


6. The application of light source will include two basic aspects: visual application and non-visual application

LED's flexibility in spectral assembly allows for a variety of optimized visual and non-visual applications, such as agricultural lighting, medical lighting, and LED visible light communication, through spectral assembly. However, relatively speaking, the application of leds in non-visual areas, there are still a number of problems to be solved, including: what is the optimal lighting conditions, the price of LED needs to fall further. The former is a scientific problem, while the latter is an industrialization problem.


7, lighting technology will be deeply integrated with information technology, the birth of intelligent lighting

LED is easy to control and itself is the characteristics of semiconductor devices, coupled with the correlation between lamps and human life, that is, there will be lamps wherever there are people, so lamps and lanterns are a good physical carrier of information technology. Therefore, LED can be deeply integrated with information technology, and intelligent lighting will be born. This will be an important development direction of led lighting technology in the future.


8. The appearance of lamps and lanterns will have great potential for innovation

At present, most led lamps, including LED bulb lamp, LED downlight, LED tube and so on, are designed to cater to people's consumption habits in form, but whether this is the best mechanical form of lamps remains to be studied. At the very least, there is plenty of room for innovation in the mechanical form of LED lighting in the future.


9. OLED will play a big role in display

In contrast to leds, which emit light from a near-point source, OLeds emit light from a surface source. So in the future, when leds account for the vast majority of lighting applications (visual and non-visual),

Still has some advantages in the display area.


10. Natural light lighting will be emphasized

In recent years, energy saving lighting, health lighting and ecological lighting have received great attention. And the use of sunlight lighting, naturally become the best choice. Therefore, we believe that with the progress of technology, natural light lighting will be paid more and more attention.

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